Historic Racing

Sitting on the grid awaiting the start of another race for historic race cars – the ultimate, eclipsed only by the fun of the races themselves and the satisfaction of participating. This is a class of racing where  the enjoyment comes as much from researching the history and preparing the cars as from racing them.  In the recent past we have seen an increasing number of cars joining the regulars on the grid, and there are plenty more to come.

The Historic Racing Register was formed by a group of enthusiasts in 1986, and was set up very much along the lines of TACCOC.  The HRR attracted members from throughout New Zealand and provided one of the main support events at the Wellington Street Race for three of the years this major international meeting was run.  A number of Historic racing cars from overseas came to New Zealand to join in this event, like Alan de Cadenet with his B-type Connaught, Soames Langton in the Lister Jaguar, Richard Pilkington and his Lago Talbot, Martin Morris with the D-type Jaguar, and Roddy McPherson with his Cooper Bristol.  In addition we have had participants like Bill Morris with his famous ERA R12B, and Mac Archer with his McLaren M8C CanAm car.  In more recent times, the HRR has merged with TACCOC, a natural progression, which has seen this organisation continue to develop as one of the major promoters of Classic & Historic Motor Sport in the North Island.

These days, the smaller-engined Formula Juniors form a significant proportion of the grid, including regular racer John Holmes in his 1960 Lotus 18, Jim Barclay in the 1961 Gemini Mk3A, Roger Herrick in his 1959 Taraschi or Lola Mk II, and Walter Findlay in his 1959 Elva, with its unique-sounding original two-stroke DKW engine.  Great racing within races and all this fun and enjoyment for a relatively low cost.

Some interesting cars are being prepared to join the grid for the coming season, and will be welcomed into our ranks.

Call on by the pits and talk with any of the owners of these interesting old cars. Better still, find yourself a car and join in the fun of Historic racing with TACCOC.